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About us

Our entrepreneurial group consists of Rubbettino Print, a printing and paper industry, and Rubbettino Editore, a publishing house that over the years has become an indispensable point of reference for those who deal with economics, politics and social sciences in various capacities.

Together, we have expanded our business with forays into the world of fine hospitality and the most refined stationery, diversifications that are an expression of our founding values: our ties with the territory and our aptitude for product experimentation.

Our entrepreneurial history begins in 1972

Thanks to an intuition of Rosario Rubbettino, a young middle school secretary who, driven by a passion for printed media, decided to launch himself into this field.

In 1976 we set up the first real industrial plant equipped with new technologies: linotypes made way for the first electronic typesetting systems, lead made way for offset printing. In 1999, the new facility was inaugurated. With a size of over 12,000 square metres, it is still one of the most modern printing plants in southern Italy. A pre-press, bindery and set-up department are added to the typography.

Since 2004, production has further expanded to include paper and digital.

Mission, We provide graphic and paper printing solutions

We provide graphic and paper printing solutions that contribute to the success of hundreds of small and large companies and institutions

Through a constant focus on quality, innovation and customer dedication. We are inspired by ethical conduct and work daily to build strong relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers and to develop a healthy business focused on sustainability, safety, and the growth of our people and the entire community.


Vision, rooted in a past of values that dialogues with the future

We want to establish ourselves as a market leader and be recognised as an entrepreneurial business model that increasingly combines technological innovation with the new frontiers of manufacturing.

Together with the community of our people, territory, suppliers and customers, we want to continue to be a tenacious extended family, rooted in a past of values that dialogues with the future, oriented towards the market and the prosperity of the next generations.

Our values, why choose us.

The ingredients of our work and the foundations of our future.

Enterprise culture

Entrepreneurial drive is in our DNA and, today as yesterday, is driven by an ethic of doing based on creating value for us, our employees, our customers and the entire community.

Ours is an identity model that fuses manufacturing and culture together, and our work is inspired by the principles of respect and consistency as strategic levers for creating opportunities.


Our work is based on mutual trust between colleagues and the recognition of the importance of the wealth of skills that people possess, a resource that can generate competitiveness and uniqueness. The sense of community is key in our conduct and leads us to give back culture and opportunities to the territory in which we operate.

We also place great value on our relationship with our customers, a transparent and continuous dialogue through which we create 'tailor-made' solutions with the determination to contribute to their achievement.

Research and Development

In a scenario of continuous evolution of technologies and consumption habits, knowledge becomes a fundamental aspect to build a quality offer that is competitive and capable of accommodating contemporary needs. 

Faith in progress and a passion for excellence drive us to constantly invest in processes, technologies and continuous training to satisfy every day from the small craftsman to the large company.